The recipe for success in new tech ventures

At The Tech Bakery we manufacture tomorrow’s successful technology
businesses. We connect the latent needs of people with the power of new
technologies. Using time-tested methods we are able to create value for
consumers and investors in a short space of time.

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The Tech Bakery's Recipe for success in IT ventures.

Step 1: Mix
Idea Generation
It all starts with that one, great idea. We invite creatives from different industries and facilitate the idea generation process by mixing together the right ingredients.
Step 2: Prove
Idea Validation
Using a Minimum Viable Product, we test the idea. We identify the prime combination of the 3 key ingredients: Customer, Problem and Solution. Only when the idea withstands rigorous testing do we proceed.
Step 3: Knead
Business Creation
We make sure every aspect of the idea is sound, from the value proposition to the pricing model. This is the stage that a budding company can take years to perfect. At The Tech Bakery, the smell of succes is instant.
Step 4: Bake
Business Execution
Once the mixture is a proven success we fire up the oven and rapidly take the business to the next phase. We scale up the business. We set out the strategy and establish the tools necessary to achieve short and long term goals.